Card Skill

Card Skill has 3 main stats:

  • AP (Action Point): The action point it will cost to play this card

  • ATK (Attack): The amount of damage a card does.

  • SHIELD: The amount of damage you can block

Besides statistics, some cards also have an 'Effect' that distinguishes them from other cards.

  • To activate the Effect, it is necessary to meet some requirements of the skill card

  • The skill card also has some special effects that can change the attack target.

Each class owns a set of skill cards divided by Soul Stone, each soul skill set of each class has a certain number of cards.

Passive Skill

Besides Card Skills, each hero has 2 passive skills:

  • Formation Skill - Soul Of Wolf The skill increase attributes for the squad

  • Farm Skill - Soul Of Emmet: The skill increase resources obtained when mining

Formation Skill:

Formation Skill is a special skill that increases the stats of the entire battle squad.

Only one Formation Skill can be selected for the team. Formation Skill is selected in the Formation interface.

Formation Skill has 2 types that can either be:

1. Increased by default during the match

2. Activated when the required conditions are met

Farm Skill:

Farm Skill is a form of passive skill that increases the amount of materials obtained when sending Herord to mines.

Each player can send a maximum of 5 Heroes to one mine to mine resources.

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