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Every Hero in Chaos Of 12 Legions has 4 stats: Health Point (HP), Agility (AGI), Intelligent (INT), Luck (LUCK)
Health Point (HP): The amount of damage the Hero can take before being defeated.
Intelligent (INT): Adds damage when a Hero plays multiple skill cards in one round.
Luck: Increases critical hit rate. Crit damage increases 200% by default.
Agility (AGI): Agility determines the order of Hero's attacks in each round. AGI also reduces the chance of receiving critical hits. If two Heroes have the same Agility, the order of attack will be determined as follows:
  • Priority 1: High Agility - a Hero with a higher speed will attack first.
  • Priority 2: Low HP - a Hero with lower health will attack first.
  • Priority 3: High INT - a Hero with higher INT will attack first.
  • Priority 4: High LUCK - a Hero with higher Luck will attack first.
  • Priority 5: Low ID - a Hero with lower ID will attack first.
Soul Stone Attributes:
Heroes in Chaos Of 12 Legions has 4 Soul Stones attached to their body.
Soul of Lion - attached on Weapon
Soul of Owl - attached on Helmet
Soul of Bear - attached on Armor
Soul of Panther - attached on Belt
Each Soul Stone carries the soul of the Class that increases the stats and determines Skill Card
  • Warrior's Soul: HP+2, LUCK+2
  • Archer's Soul: AGI+2, LUCK+2
  • Cleric's Soul: INT+2, LUCK+2
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