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So far, Chaos of 12 Legions has a total of 3 classes. More classes will be introduced in the near future.

The warriors from Fenrir clan grow up in a society that revolves around wolves and wars. These are the strongest men throughout the 12 legions is a non debatable statement since in order to be called a Warrior, one has to kill and skin a dire wolf or wolves which are among the most gigantic and brutal beasts.

Coming from the legion of Peregrine, Archers – a female tribe of soldiers who specialize in long-range combat. Their sharpest eyes and impressive agility are what make them the best shooters throughout 12 legions. They live peacefully and respect all lives but can be deadly when provoked.

Trained by the priestesses of Hecate – the Goddess of witchcraft and sorcery, Clerics’ power dwells deep in the essence of the mind. One would always try to avoid to become Clerics’ enemy as a Cleric has the ability to put spells and curses to destroy her opponent’s mind.

Class Advantages

To control the battle, knowing your Heroes' class advantages and disadvantages is important. While any class can be very strong against another class, it could be weak when facing heroes of other classes. The Hero that has the class advantage will deal 10% additional damage. The Hero that has the class disadvantage will deal 10% less damage. For example, a Warrior deals 10% additional damage to an Archer.

Besides, a Hero get 5% attack and shield bonus when applying a skill card from his own class.

For example: a Warrior playing a warrior skill card will receive a 5% extra attack/shield.

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